Six real money earning games to play in Casino and win money

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Six real money earning games to play in Casino and win money

Real money earning games

Why to play real money earning games during online gambling?

If you want to play just for fun, any game is fine: no matter how many cards are going up and down in your room, you simply play whatever you want.

However, if you want to make money, you must try Fun88 real money earning games. What are the most effective real money earning games? Take a look and discover them.

Blackjack: the preferred of the real money earning games

Do you feel like playing blackjack? It is the most popular game also called 21 and the most promoted game to play at the casino, but you have to know how to play in a casino to play, i.e. you have to learn it.

Card counting was introduced by Professor Edward Thorp in 1962, in his famous book "Beat the Dealer".

This technique controls the ratio of high and low cards remaining in the deck and determines the advantage the player has over the house or vice versa. It is a reliable method, but also easily detectable by casino staff.

Interesting facts about online casinos

There are other methods that players used in the past, some of them are Fun88 still applied in today's gaming environment, while others have lost relevance.

Deck-cutting systems were all the rage in the mid-1990s, but casinos have countered them with increasingly complex forms of shuffling. Identifying sequences of key cards was one method used to predict when an ace would come up. This option has also declined due to the complexity of shuffling methods for playing real money earning games.

The last option in blackjack is the rarest: it is the hole card. This is the technique of determining which card is the dealers' hole card.

Sometimes you only get one chance by looking at the card values. So, you will have to determine what the best strategy is by limiting the card. Whether the card has a value of 10 or not is a popular strategy in real money earning games.

Dice: A craps table

Craps is another game where you can make a profit, one of the best real money earning games. But, like blackjack, it requires a meaningful investment of time and a large financial investment in a full-size craps table. To achieve this, one must learn how to play craps and practice.

The goal of the aspirant is to know how to roll the dice to play against the opposite wall of the table and make them fall as desired. This is usually done in a way that limits the number of times a combination of the dice that adds up to 7 occurs. Another way is to roll a die in such a way that the horizontal roll of the die leaves five numbers out of play on a die. Then, he player bets properly.

Another way to play casino craps is to have a partner at the table and have you bet on the pass line and him on the don't pass line. The bets will offset each other on 35 out of 36 rolls (on average). In principle betting is a negative expectation game, but you can offset losses with points.

Roulette: one of the most beloved real money earning games on fun88 app

A player can learn how to play roulette in different ways. The easiest one is like the comp bets we discussed in craps. We will lose 2 out of 36 spins on average, if the 2 players bet opposite each other in a bet on red and black or 1-18 and 19-36.

How to win money at the casino - Roulette Table on fun88 app

Predicting roulette is another way to beat it. It's hard, and just like craps, you have to make a big investment in a roulette wheel. There are many complexities that the successful player will have to consider, but, when you perfect your approach and know what the roulette odds are, it is a very profitable game.

The method to achieve this is beyond the scope of this article, but the best methodology can be found in Laurence Scott's two series of books, which discuss how to beat the different types of roulette wheels.

Although it is not one of the most common real money earning games in Asian casinos, the format of this pastime is so popular that it has a long-running TV show.

The wheel of fortune

Never miss wheel of fortune in your real money earning games list!

Few games of chance are so simple and passive while they generate so much fun. We speak in this case of a variant of the roulette games in which instead of numbers, the squares of the cylinder usually present explicit and different prizes in each case.

How to win money at casino - wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune is a giant wheel that is usually spun by an attractive hostess. The player waits for the wheel of fortune to stop on his bet to get winnings. To play this game, the player calculates the average spin speed of the wheel and then bets on either of two options with payouts of 40 to 1 on which he expects the wheel to stop.

Three Card Poker

Other games like Three Card Poker that belong to the same family of card games but perfect to be offered at the tables of a casino would be:

Let it Ride

Three Card Poker

To get an edge in these games you will have to use hole card techniques. And, as with blackjack's hole cards, there are few opportunities. Another similarity to blackjack is that you must develop a particular strategy.



Slots are the gaming product that has been growing the most in recent months. In Asia, we have seen how dozens of youtubers offer live online slots sessions, achieving audiences on YouTube more than acceptable and superior to any other gambling format.

However, even this is one of the real money earning games, it does not have the best odds, which means that 99% of people lose and only 1% of players win money. However, there are a couple of ways to play that give the player an advantage over the casino.

The first tip is to play on triple points days. The casino multiplies by three the points it would normally give.

The second method is to play with casino money. Occasionally, a casino will give a player $20, $50 or even $100 to play for free. The player will be able to use this money to play and will keep any money won during these free games.

To maximize the chance to play, a player can log on to the website of the gaming regulation committees in his jurisdiction, check which slot gets the lowest percentage and play that machine.

In short, we could say that it is not easy to acquire the level at which a player can become proficient enough to risk real money for casino winnings, but if the aspiring player puts in the effort, the rewards can be considerable.

These broad strokes are a starting point for the aspiring player. There is a lot of hard work ahead to know and put into practice how to play money in the casino, but for that there are games like the ones we have pointed out in these sections that are more likely than others to have an advantage, at least to try.

Be patient, practice the game in the free mode that your online casino allows you and before you know it, you will have succeeded.

Three things you must not do when playing real money earning games

Avoid playing without a plan: Do your homework; do not stand in front of the croupier or log in to your favorite online casino operator without having set a strategy beforehand. This applies to both the game tactics to be applied and the maximum amount to be wagered. It goes without saying that before starting to play you should know the rules of the game.

Do not be conscious: If so, the game will quickly turn against you. Instead of getting carried away by a run of good luck and wanting to double your winnings, go slowly, or you risk ending the game in a second and being left wanting more. It is true that winning is the goal, but you are where you are for the pleasure and excitement of the game: make it last!

Do not let your emotions drive you: If there is a golden rule in online casino games or in a physical establishment, it is this: "mathematics always has the upper hand". If you let yourself be carried away by your instinct or intuition, you are lost, and the house knows it. We are facing one of the main reasons why the operator -almost- always wins: he plays automatically and calculates the movements in a cold and objective way.

If you want to play real money earning games, visit Fun88 and start making lots of money when gambling and sports betting on the WORLD CUP 2022.

Lottery is another real earning money game people enjoy

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