Want to rely on sports betting to increase your salary by 10,000 a month, which can be seen from the real-time scores on the off

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Want to rely on sports betting to increase your salary by 10,000 a month, which can be seen from the real-time scores on the off

Want to rely on sports betting to increase your salary by 10,000 a month, which can be seen from the real-time scores on the official website of Fun88 in india


Most people who are in contact with or are just beginning to study the field of Fun88 sports betting will hope to get bonuses in each competition. For this purpose, they will always check information on the Internet to increase the probability of winning. However, they find that there are many terms that have not been read, such as "handicap, handicap, size", etc., until these names are figured out, they will only become more difficult to understand. fun88 india

The first thing to clarify is that sports betting is not just about betting on which team loses and which team wins. There are many different ways of playing that can be the target of betting, which is the so-called "handicap". If you can grasp the key Information, knowing what the exact meaning of a handicap is and what parts you should pay attention to when watching NBA live broadcasts can not only increase your winning rate, but also find opportunities to obtain richer rewards through a variety of Fun88 gameplay.

The Fun88 sports betting market consists of several pieces of information:

  1. 1. Event name
  2. 2. Start time
  3. 3. Participating team
  4. 4. Competition venue
  5. 5. Odds

Common types of Fun88 sports betting markets:

  • ‧ Normal Disk
  • ‧ Large and small sub-distribution
  • ‧ Single and double disc
  • ‧ Handicap
  • ‧ Number of passes

Fun88: General Disk

The most basic type of handicap is just looking at winning or losing, and betting on the team to win is over. (Crossing is winning, which means gambling to win) fun88 login

Example: I bet on the Eagles. If the Eagles win, I can go to claim the bonus.

Fun88: the size of the sub-distribution

A number will be drawn in the handicap, and Fun88 players can bet that the score of the Fun88 game result will be higher or lower than that number. fun88 login

For example: if the handicap opens at 6.5, then the total score after the game is 0-6 is a small score, and a score of 7 or more is a big score.

Oita> Handicap Numbers> Small Score

Sometimes the two teams are viewed separately

Example: Lone Ranger 112.5, Bucks 117.5, Total Score 224.5 ←There will be three markets

Although most of the events will not have a 0.5 point, why is there a .5 score in the handicap? Such a setting can draw the boundary between winning and losing more clearly. If the standard is 6 points, then the final total score of 6 points should be considered large or small? At this time, there is a .5 point to more clearly demarcate the boundary. fun88 bet

Fun88: single and double

It's a bit like the magic of big and small, but it looks at odd or even numbers, that is, odd or even numbers. As long as the mantissa of the score is 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are considered singular, 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 are even numbers. funn88

Example: I bet on the page of Fun88 on doubles and the final total score is 215. Because it is an odd number, I lose.

Just like the big and small points, there will be a handicap that separates the two teams in the odds and doubles. Sometimes there will be a handicap where the two halves are separated. Reference materials.

Fun88: handicap

Handicap can be said to add to the excitement and fun of the Fun88 lottery. The strong team usually has some concessions on the handicap. The handicap is based on the deduction or addition of certain points, the team will Win or lose.

Example 1: Team A is stronger than Team B, and the dealer opens team A with a handicap of 4.5 points. If team A wins team B by more than 5 points after the end of the game, team A wins with the handicap and team B loses; otherwise, if A If team wins team B by 4 points or less or lags behind team B in points, team A loses by handicap and team B wins by handicap.

Example 2: The dealer opens the handicap for team A with 3.5 points. The result of the game is team A 7: Team B 4. Although team A won, it won by 3 points and less than 3.5, so the person who bet on team A to win with the handicap loses Yes, the person who bet on team B to win wins.

Those who have game experience or watch many games probably know in their hearts that two teams with disparity in strength are already half-decided before the start of the game. Although the dealer will adjust the odds to cope with this situation, sometimes the handicap is opened to give everyone more diversified ways to think about this situation.

Fun88: the number of passes

In addition to the above different Fun88 gameplays, there are also some Fun88 dealers who will develop their own set of modes, all of which can even add up to 50 Fun88 gameplays! At this time, if the dealer draws the "number of passes", it means that they have to pass all the passes to be considered a win. Usually it will be a combination of 2~5 levels. Of course, the more combinations of items, the harder it is to achieve, so the odds will be higher.

Example: I chose a combination with a score of 3. The home team won in Game A, the away team in Game A had 4.5 points, and the home team in Game B received 1.5 points to win. The result of game A is that the home team wins 6:5, and the result of game B is 3:2 (the home team loses 1 point + 1.5 points handicapped, it wins), then I have passed the first and third levels, and the second level. No, I lost the whole picture.

Not every game has so many ways to play, and not every game will appear on the betting market. If LEO Sports is open, there will be the most basic general market. Although there is no other gameplay data as a reference indicator, it is also You can infer from the relevant records and information of the game which team has a higher chance of winning, and then choose the most beneficial event for you.

When looking at the historical performance of the team, there are several Fun88 techniques:

  1. 1. Don't pay too much attention to the total score, but look at the home/away Fun88 game data.
  2. 2. At the beginning of the season, don't bet for the moment. After about a week, the teams will stabilize before placing any bets.
  3. 3. Pay attention to the rankings of the teams before the results are settled. The Fun88 teams that want to grab tickets for the promotion will want to win every game.
  4. 4. Pay attention to the Fun88 team's current situation and check whether there are any major Fun88 players who cannot play.

There is still a lot of information in the official website of Fun88 that can be used as a reference. Keep in mind that the team's total winning percentage does not have much reference value. Recent developments are the main reason that affects the results of a single Fun88 game.

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