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The best blackjack variants you can play – Fun88

Blackjack variants – Fun88

Why do people love Blackjack at Fun88?


The game of Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and easiest to understand. Since its introduction in traditional casinos during the 20th century, the game has been growing in popularity online betting predictions and has become the favorite game of most people who enter a casino.

Even tough, before you play Blackjack at Fun88 online casino, you should know the different varieties that are available and what differences there are in each of the Blackjack games that fun88 app offers you.

The objective of Fun88 India Blackjack is to obtain online betting tips 21 points by adding up the values of the cards. The face cards add up to 10 and the ace adds up to 11 or 1, depending on the player's preference. If you get 21 points with only two cards, you win automatically.

In the game the dealer deals two cards to each player and can change the value of the ace according to your play. You can stand (if you stand you keep the cards you have) or draw. If you go over 21 in that hand, you lose; and the winner is the one who has the highest number close to 21 or the one who gets Blackjack.

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The basic rules of this game have been in place for several years, but as time has passed, certain modifications have emerged that make playing Blackjack a little more complex and require more attention.

Types of Blackjack pairs

  1. Perfect Pair - two identical cards (e.g. two 7 of spades or two kings of hearts).
  2. Color Pair - two identical cards of the same rank and color (e.g. a 7 of hearts and a 7 of diamonds)
  3. Red/Black pair - two cards of the same rank (for example a 7 of diamonds and a 7 of spades).
  4. On the other hand, bet on 21+3 if you think that your first two cards and the dealer's first card form a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush or Three of a Kind.

There are plenty of Blackjack variants, this game will change its rules depending on the country, legislation or company.


The best Blackjack variants at Fun88 app and other casinos

Casinos like Fun88 app look for simplicity when offering Blackjack games to their players. Also, they allow you to play many hands in the shortest possible time. Thus, many players will pass through their tables without shame or glory and will leave their chips on the way.

Fun88 Blackjack is one of the games that gives them the best performance, since it consists in getting a higher hand than the dealer's without going over 21.

Its simplicity is what has made it popular, and popularity translates into players. Its rules are simple and basic, so some of them can be modified in a new version.

Fun88 Blackjack has many alternatives and all of them have their own personal charm, but there are some more popular than others and with better options for players than others. Here we are going to introduce them for you to consider when betting at Fun88.


One of the most popular Blackjack variants is pontoon. This game has created its own community of players, especially online, and has gained its own identity over time. Some of its rules can help players overthrow the dealer in situations where it would not be possible to do so in Blackjack, but there is also a trade-off in its favor that must be considered.

The main thing is that in pontoon we do not have the ability to see any of the dealer's cards. This means that the dealer can have 21 to start with and the player cannot protect himself with an insurance as in the original version.

However, in case both have 21 to start with, the player wins. In the rest of the cases of a tie, the bet will not be shared, but the winner will be the banker.

On the other hand, the "five-card trick" must be considered. If the player has 5 cards in his hand that do not exceed 16 points, he wins the game. This is the second-best possible trick after the "pontoon", which would be to obtain a hand of 21. And to top it off, in this variant it is possible to double and split at any time, even doubling after splitting.

Fun88 VIP Blackjack

Fun88 VIP Blackjack is perhaps the simplest Blackjack variant of all and has few changes from the original Blackjack. This game is intended for players who wish to place higher bets and do not want to run up against the usual limits of a standard table.

The aim is the same and the rules remain the same, but the bets will have a higher minimum and a higher maximum than usual.

This variant is equivalent to what it would mean for a player to enter the VIP room of any physical casino or a special section of an online casino. There, the most ambitious players jump all the established limits, and the jackpots reach spectacular amounts of money.

Moreover, there are no specific general limits that cannot be exceeded, but it is the casino itself or the bank that establishes them according to its interests.

It is a variant that the gaming rooms, both on-site and online, tend to customize and decorate in their own way. Just look at rooms like Fun88, which has exclusive and some determinate Blackjack games made in its own image and likeness. These versions would be the equivalent of the VIP version.

Blackjack Cashback


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Blackjack Cashback is another modality that offers the possibility to protect the player in difficult moments and when the game is more favorable to the dealer. All users who have played Blackjack will have encountered a play in which the dealer drew a miraculous 21 to win the game. And the most frustrating thing is that there was no chance of protection in any way.

The Cashback version always offers the player an alternative. Regardless of the options your trump has at any given moment, the dealer offers you a certain amount of money on the condition that you leave the game.

Many players see this as a great option for certain moments of the game. In addition, it allows a series of side bets that other variants do not have.

Blackjack Switch

A classic version that has almost earned the right to be considered as an independent game is this variant of Blackjack. The player is going to find in it a great advantage and some disadvantages with which the dealer intends to compensate.

What differentiates it from traditional Blackjack is that the customer is dealt two pairs of cards and the first move he can make is to exchange the highest cards of these pairs for new ones.

If a player finds himself with a 10-9 and a 5-4 in his hands, he can exchange the 10 and the 5 for new cards. From this move derives the name of the game, which appeared around 2009. However, it was not all advantages. There are also disadvantages.

The fact is that in Switch the dealer pays traditional Blackjack for less money than in other versions. In addition, some rules of the basic strategy are obsolete and do not bring benefits for the player.

Buster Blackjack

This curious version of Blackjack is less known, but quite interesting for its possibilities. Buster Blackjack includes a side bet in which you can play that the dealer will bust in his hand. The more cards the dealer uses to go over 21, the more the player will win.

This means that if the dealer busts to 23 with three cards the player is paid less than if he busts with 23 and seven cards. That is why it is key that your hand is low to start with and you have to ask for many cards.

It is also true that casinos are careful with this version and recommend to their employees that when in doubt they stand and do not risk. Within the functions of a croupier, this is established in order to get more profit. Even so, the payouts for winning bets increase considerably and this is always welcomed by the most regular players.

Playing Blackjack online at Fun88

You can start mastering Blackjack at Fun88! When playing at Fun88, you can enjoy yourself but also practice some strategies to become a Fun88 Blackjack expert!

So, visit Fun88 and begin having fun when playing Blackjack.


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