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What to know before Kabaddi betting-Fun88

Kabaddi betting-Fun88

Kabaddi betting: Is it different than betting on other sports?

Maybe you have bet on other sports such as cricket, football, basketball or tennis. However, have you considered to play kabaddi? First, let’s check Kabaddi’s history!

Some facts about Kabaddi and Kabaddi betting

With references to it for more than 4,000 years in India, today it is an fun88 login extremely popular sport in the Middle East and has its own federation in some Asian and Latin American regions.

In the ancient India, Kabaddi was forged to become one of the great passions of countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh - where it is the national sport - and all Southeast Asia.

Over the years, and thanks to the diffusion given to it by onlinecricketbetting migrants in other parts of the planet, this recreational activity mutated until 1994, when it entered as an exhibition sport in the 1990 Asian Games, and from then on as a fixed sport in the program, with India as the main candidate for gold.

Currently the WKF (World Kabaddi Federation) is the regulatory body, while nations such as Canada and England have professional leagues of the Circle Kabaddi version. Besides India, Argentina and Italy are the only two countries that have implemented the sport at school and recreational level.

In fact, it had been instituted November 11 as "Kabaddi Day" in commemoration of the first victory achieved by the national team in the 2011 World Cup against Sri Lanka.

More about Kabaddi

Kabaddi -meaning "singing" in India- takes place in a rectangular area of 13m. x 10 m. between two teams of seven players each. Matches are comprised of two 20-minute halves, with the primary objective being to score the most points by touching or capturing the most opponents.

To score a goal, the attacking team sends its "raider" into the opponent's area to try to touch the opponent, on any part of the body, and then return to its field, but without being intercepted or tackled by an opponent.

To avoid being touched, the defenders form a human chain to lock up the invading raider.

If the defenders manage to keep the raider from returning to their field by means of keys and tackles, they will also score a point. If a team manages to eliminate all the opponents, it will score two points and they can return to the field to restart the game.

The special feature of this game is that the raider, during the 30-second attack phase, cannot breathe, so he must chant "kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi" without interruption. Meanwhile, the judges have the endorsement to eliminate him if the singing is interrupted.

Kabaddi in America

In general, Kabaddi is know as an Indian sport, but Argentina is another country where Kabaddi is so popular.

The sport arrives in the country thanks to Ricardo Acuña, a professional badminton player, who got to know Kabaddi in 1999 in Canada, during the World Cup of his respective discipline.

With a purely amateur beginning, reaching the new public thanks to friendly tournaments and presenting it in schools, Kabaddi gradually became part of the Argentinean mentality, with the logical regulatory variations depending on the context, such as playing in a mixed form or not needing to say "kabaddi" every time a boy or girl attacked.

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Over the years, Acuña was appointed by the WKF as vice-president in America, which led to Argentina being the country invited to participate in the 2011 World Championship in Indial, obviously.

Thanks to this, to this day and uninterruptedly our country was present in all the Circle category world championships (one is played every year), and only in October 2016 it made its first participation in the ProKabaddi (it is disputed every two years).

Some curiosities about Kabaddi

There are three variants: Kabaddi, Circle Kabaddi (typical of rural areas, on a circular dirt court with a diameter of 44 m.) and Beach Kabaddi.

The Circle Kabaddi team is known as 'Los Chanchos', while the ProKabaddi team is called 'Los Yararás'.

The moment when an entire team is eliminated is called a tarpaulin. The opponent scores two points and all seven defenders return to the field.

When a team is left with only one defender, it can surrender a point to bring in two teammates who were eliminated.

The final of the 2019 Pro Kabaddi League - India's league - was watched by 86 million Indian viewers, not counting viewers in other Asian countries.

Strategies to kabaddi betting online at Fun88

Kabaddi betting, like casino games like at Fun88 casino, is a hobby for many people. And a large majority consider it a fun and friendly pastime. But still, if you keep losing at your favorite game, chances are you will stop liking it. That's why bettors use strategies to win big at sportsbooks in India, Argentina or any country.

Understanding these betting strategies and tips can make all the difference when making your selections at any bookmaker, including Fun88 Kabaddi betting, which has a wide range of betting markets and attractive odds like the ones you can find at Fun88.

Now, find out the five greatest strategies for successful Fun88 online Kabaddi betting below:

Managing your bankroll at Fun88

This is a commonsense strategy. Every sports bettor should decide how much money to devote to Kabaddi betting. Of course, this may vary depending on one's financial situation. According to experts, it is never wise to bet money that you cannot afford to lose. It is recommended that bettors who are beginners only bet between 1 and 5% of their bankroll on each bet they place at Fun88.

Check your bets at Fun88

According to experienced bettors, this strategy may seem boring to some, but it is necessary to do it regularly. Like anything else in life, if you review your previous work, you are sure to find a mistake that you can correct next time at Fun88.

It is proven that correcting faulty reasoning will benefit your betting strategy in the long run. Taking some time to do an occasional reflection on your successes and failures will undoubtedly provide a long-term boost to your bankroll.

Trust your head, not your heart

This is probably the most important strategy for a newcomer to the Kabaddi betting industry. Most inexperienced Kabaddi betting bettors discard expert evaluation to follow what their heart wants.

When betting at Fun88, consider that controlling your emotions is a crucial factor when it’s about winning or not.

kabaddi betting

Avoiding the sunk cost fallacy

The "sunk cost fallacy" is a standard term in behavioral economics, meaning that the more time or money you invest in something, the harder it is to let it go. This creates a loop of more and more bad investments in a sinking bet.

We can say that people exhibit the behavioral trait of the "sunk cost fallacy" when they burn more money on a bet that is doomed, just because they have already invested so much time and money in it. Simply put, they simply don't know when to cut their losses.

To avoid this type of behavior during Kabaddi betting you must keep a clear goal in your mind. You can't keep inflating the size of your bankroll to cover a nasty losing streak.

Choosing a good online bookmaker like Fun88

This is also a crucial part of your betting strategy. Without a good bookmaker, you will never be able to win big. There are many fraudulent websites floating around on the internet that can cheat you. That's why you need an excellent licensed bookmaker that won't cheat you, as well as give you fantastic deals on Kabaddi betting. That’s why we recommend kabaddi betting at Fun88.

Frequent questions about betting online at Fun88 or any other bookie


  • Can I trust online betting? What assures us that we are not cheated is that all software used for games in regulated markets is audited so that the randomness is fulfilled, and the house does not earn money at will, changing the events of the match depending on where the money goes.
  • How much money to bet at Fun88? Experts always advise amateurs to place small bets on virtual Kabaddi betting. This is a sport that is decided by a random number generator, cannot be predicted and cannot be analyzed. This is more like rolling some dice than a regular sports bet. Avoid betting too much on games where chance is a key factor and take it as a fun diversion with some spice for the possible winnings at Fun88.
  • Is it possible to make money with online betting? Of course, it is possible to win money, but it will depend on luck. Contrary to sports betting, which still depends on luck, there is a series of analyses that can be performed to get an advantage over the odds presented, in online sports everything depends on luck.

Betting at Fun88

Fun88 has been consider a great online casino india in Asia, especially in India. When signing up at Fun88, you can bet on many sports, such as kabaddi, cricket, football and many others.

Moreover, Fun88 offers many advantages for all bettors like great bonuses and promotions. Also you can practice ipl betting online, cricket bet and andar bahar online at Fun88

So, if you want to start betting for the best, do not miss visiting Fun88 ipl betting app!

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