Rummy: the most exciting card-game at Fun88!

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Rummy: the most exciting card-game at Fun88!

Rummy rules


How can I play Rummy?

When you are playing Rummy, also add cards can be added to other cards played on the table, both your own and those of other Rummy players. It is also important to score the least number of points according to the chosen modality.

The original game comes from the United States and is very popular in fun88 login Europe and parts of North America but is also played in India. It is played with the English deck of 52 cards. At Rummy, the Ace can form a straight with the King and the 2.

Modalities of the game

Express (1 round): To play quick games. It is played in one round and the winner is the one who closes first.

Points game: When a player reaches the fun88 india established score he/she is eliminated. The last player is the winner of the game.

The value of the cards in case of not being able to bind them:


  • From 2 to 10: their value.
  • J: 10 points
  • Q: 10 points
  • K: 10 points
  • Ace: 15 points

Card deal For two players, 10 cards are dealt to each player. For 3 and 4 players, seven cards are dealt to each player. After dealing, one card is placed face up. The rest will be left in the deck face down to draw.


At the beginning of the game, it is decided by automatic draw which player is the hand, i.e. the one who starts the game. In the next round (if any) the player to the left of the current player starts.

Then, each player must draw from the deck or from the discard pile. After that, he can place his moves on the table (straights or melds of 3 or 4 identical cards).

To end his turn, the player must necessarily discard a card from his hand and place it face up, passing the turn to the player on his left (clockwise). If all the cards in the deck are used up, the deck is shuffled and a new deck is created.

A player makes Rummy if he places all his cards on the table in a single turn, if he has not made another move before. This move doubles the score of the other players.

For example, a player who draws and discards for several turns without putting any combination on the table, still has the chance to make Rummy.

Closed game: When there is no possibility to make melds or add cards, the game is closed. Each player will add the corresponding points he/she has at that moment. If the game is being played in express mode or if all players go over the point limit at the same time, the player with the least points wins. In case of a tie, the player who has closed wins, or ultimately, the player who is ahead.

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Replay at Rummy

When a player is eliminated for having exceeded the point limit, he/she can rejoin the game by adding half of the initial bet to the pot. This action is called a re-raise. The player who re-raises has the same points as the player who has the most at that moment.

Why are there robots playing? What are they for?

In some games, when a player loses connection during the game, a robot replaces him until he re-enters the game. The player has a few minutes to return to the game and continue playing.

Furthermore, when playing some Rummy games, there is the option to end the game in a friendly way. If this happens, the game is cancelled and the players do not add or subtract points, and that game does not count in the standings or statistics. So, the chips wagered are returned to each player (except if they have been penalized for abandonment).

To cancel a game, one of the players must press the following button. All players must agree to end the game, otherwise the game will continue.

The robot is not considered in the voting to end a game amicably.

Table options

The table options are chosen by the table leader (the first player to be seated at the table and who has a star next to his avatar).

To view or change the table options click the options button below. The table options can be changed before starting the game or between games. If the icon changes to red, it indicates that the table manager has changed some of the options:


  • Time per turn: Indicates the time the player must roll in his turn. If the time expires, the game will make the move for him.
  • Compete for points and tokens: It allows to play competitive games. Disable this option to practice (you won't earn points or tokens; you won't get achievements and you won't level up).
  • Bet per game: This indicates the amount of game chips you will bet in the game. The winner of the game wins the pot. See also: What are gaming chips and how do I get them?
  • Private table: If this option is active, only players you have invited, or friends can sit at the table.
  • Express (1 round): This is the fastest game mode. It is played in one round and the winner is the one who closes the game.
  • Point limit: The player who reaches the point limit is eliminated.
  • Ranking by points: To participate in the ranking of this game it is necessary to be registered and to have enough chips to cover the bets.

To earn points, the games must be competitive (indicated with a boxing glove or swords). No points are awarded if 2 players at the table share the same IP.

If game chips are being wagered at a table, you need to have enough chips to cover the wager. The winner of the game gets the XP points and the chips wagered (the dealer gets 20% of the pot).

The experience points (XP) earned depend on the number of players, the type of game and the initial bet.

Rummy at Fun88

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