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Enjoy yourself playing Poker Omaha at Fun88!

How to play Poker Omaha at online casinos like Fun88


What is Poker Omaha about? – Fun88

The game of Fun88 Omaha poker is the kind of fast-paced game that has become very popular in recent years. Omaha is played basically the same way as Texas Hold'em and you can find it online at Fun88.

The difference between Texas Hold’em and Omaha is that fun88 each player receives four cards and certain small variations that make it different.

Poker Omaha is available in most poker rooms and online casinos like Fun88, as well as in live tournament rooms around the world. Read on to learn and understand the rules of the game.

Aim of the game

At Fun88, players try to win money by betting on the community pot. There are two ways in which a player can win: either by betting a good amount of money for the other player to double-fold-fold his cards or by showing the best hand at the end of each game.

To become an expert at Omaha games, it is good to Fun88 focus on making good bets when you have a good hand in your possession and stay away from adding more money to the pot when your hole cards or hand in possession are weak. If you already know how to play Omaha, make sure you understand its rules perfectly!

Game structure

Omaha poker is played at tables of up to ten players, but is often played with two, six, or nine players. Its tables are always referred to by their limit stakes - for example, a $1/$2 fixed limit table would have a small bet of $1 and a big bet of $2.

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The small blind would be $0.50 and the big blind would be $1 - we'll talk more about this later. After Hold'em, Omaha is the most popular game online and has the largest presence in live tournament casinos.

Omaha poker rules at Fun88

Shuffle and deal: The game of Omaha begins when the two players to your left of the dealer or button post the blinds, the first with the smallest blind (SB) and the next with the big blind (BB). In pot-limit Omaha, the small blinds are equivalent to the smallest bet that can be made and the big blind to the biggest bet.

Omaha poker table structure: From the moment the blinds post, each player receives two-hole cards. The dealer deals one card at a time from the left side in clockwise order, starting with the Small Blind position.

Once everyone has received their cards, they see them (without showing them to the other players) and the first betting action begins.

The first betting round: The first betting round begins with the player to the left of the player seated in the Big Blind position. (This player is known or referred to as "under the gun") This round is often referred to as the first pre-flop or pre-flop bet.

He/she can make his/her biggest bet, raise, or simply fold-fold. After that, players have a few options. If the big blind in the bet has not raised, they can call-ir-call, raise-raise, or fold-fold.

If the big blind has been raised, players can fold-fold, go-call or re-raise the bet. The first betting round ends when each player agrees with the above, he can fold, call or raise.

There is a unique situation that often happens with the big blind. If the blinds have not been raised, it is the player in the Big Blind seat who gets the next action. That player has the option to check, which means they do not wish to make a bet currently. If they decide to check, the money from the blinds stays in the pot and the next card is uncovered in the middle.

Community cards: After the end of the first round of betting, players see the first round of community cards commonly referred to as the "flop". The dealer discards one card from the top of the deck as a precaution in case someone has seen it, thereby dealing three cards face up in the center of the table.

Second betting round: After the first round of the flop or community cards are dealt, a second round of betting follows. This round begins with the player seated to the left of the button, followed by other players to the left. The player chooses to bet or check depending on what the other players do first.

If the first player who gets the action decides to check without betting, the other players can do the same if they wish. If someone bets, the other players can do the same or simply fold their cards and withdraw from the hand in play. The second round of betting ends until someone folds or bets the amount submitted by any player.

The Turn: After the second betting round is completed, the dealer discards one of the top cards to make way for the fourth community card, commonly called the turn, which is the fourth of five cards that are spread in the center of the table for every player who serves him in his game.

Third round of betting: When the fourth card is dealt or turned over, a third round of betting takes place. This works in the same manner as mentioned above with the player to the left of the dealer having the first action of checking, folding or betting and so on.

The River: The fifth and last card turned over in the center of the table is called the River. In the same way the dealer discards the top card to make way to show the last card in the center of the table.

Last betting round: Once the fifth card or river has been dealt, the last betting round begins, in the same manner as mentioned above. All action goes to the left of the table, with the player to the left of the button opening the action.

If there are two players at the end of the game played, both players face each other showing their cards to see who won the game or hand played.

The Showdown: There would only be a showdown if multiple players reach the last betting round. If that is the case, every player shows their cards, and the winner is determined by whoever has the best hand. There is a specific order of who must show their cards first.

If the player who placed the first bet on the hand being played is still in the game, he/she would be required to show his/her cards first, otherwise, the person who placed the last bet is required to show his/her cards first.
The winner takes the pot and a new play would start.

Omaha hand rankings at Fun88


  • #1 Straight flush 10JQKA of the same color.
  • #2 Four Card AAAAK
  • #3 Full House KKKQQQ
  • #4 Flush 2689A of the same color
  • #5 Straight Flush 56789 Different Color
  • #6 Three Card JJJ48
  • #7 Two Pair JJKKA
  • #8 One Pair AA874
  • #9 High Card AK543

In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by whoever has the higher cards. Example: if two players have a straight, whoever has the higher straight would win the hand.

When playing Omaha poker at Fun88, although the player is dealt four cards, he must use only two cards from his hand to complete his best hand with the three best cards from the center of the table or community cards.

This is very important to mention as many times players have a good hand of their four cards in their hand and think that they would only need one of the center cards to complete a good hand and this is not the case.

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Where to play Omaha Poker at Fun88?

If you are interested in playing Omaha poker, the best thing to do is to turn on your computer and check out some of the online poker rooms that exist.

Varieties of Omaha

The game of Omaha features a few ways to play mostly Pot Limit, Fixed Limit, High, and High-Low.

Omaha High-Low

Omaha high low is a typical variant of the game where the pot is split in two: a high pot and a low pot. The high pot is always taken by the player with the best hand. The low pot goes to the player with the lowest five-card hand.

In order to qualify as the lowest five card hand, you must have a hand with cards less than or equal to eight. As we already know that you can only use two of the four cards you are dealt, you will have to use three of the five community cards dealt in the center of the table to formulate the best possible hand.

If there is no lower hand, then the entire pot goes to the player with the best higher hand. It is very important to emphasize that two pairs only count as a minor card. So, you cannot have a minor hand with a pair. Learn more Omaha vs. Omaha high-low.

Poker Omaha at Fun88

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