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Five features to consider before football betting – Fun88

Football betting advice – Fun88

Tips to consider before football betting at Fun88

Football betting at fun88 is one of the easiest activities we can do. To do it in the right way, you should take this activity as a fun, never to reach economic goals, otherwise you are likely to get frustrated when things do not work out as you would like them to.

Take note of the following tips and practice them the next time you bet at Fun88 app!

Always bet on known leagues when football betting at Fun88

It may seem like an obvious tip, but many bettors decide to bet on matches in completely unknown leagues about which they have very little information. Information is power and the more you know about a league, the more likely you are to have better results in your bets.

At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to give excitement by betting on games that you can follow, either on the radio or on TV. Consider it before betting at Fun88.

Avoid football betting in favor of your favorite team at Fun88

Yes, we all have our favorite team and many times we can get carried away by our hearts, something that will not always be beneficial when it comes to betting at Fun88. Every time we bet on a match of our team, there is a percentage (higher or lower depending on each one) that makes us always opt for a bet in favor of our club.

Analyze the situation of the match

There are many factors that can affect the normal development of a match and you should try to take all these possible factors into account. When analyzing the match, consider those features:

  1. Check the losses of each team: Consider what the lows and the highs of the teams are before betting.

  2. Check if the coach will make rotations or not: Press conferences are always important. Try to be attentive to the coach's statement of intentions and those of the players themselves.

  3. Interest of each team in the competition: It is likely that there are teams that are not interested in some competitions. For example, The Europa League is a competition where coaches often try out new players, at least in the group stage. For example, English teams tend to discredit the second most important competition in Europe, so the more you know the objective of each team, the better results you will have.

  4. Possible fatigue due to the accumulation of matches: Players are not robots, so fatigue can take its toll. If a team plays three games in less than a week, you should take this fatigue into account when betting. Generally, teams coming from European competition tend to slip in the league competition.

  5. What the weather conditions will be during the match: Another very interesting point that bookmarkers often do not consider is the weather. Perhaps it would not hurt to look at the weather and how the grass will be at the time of the match.

  6. Match referee: Referees play an important role as well. Some are more permissive than others, which means that certain teams can use more intensity without being penalized.

Find out which markets give you the best results


One of the great advantages of football betting at Indian bookies is that you have an infinite number of markets on which you can bet without the need to pigeonhole yourself in the typical 1X2. Try to benefit from this by trying the different markets that are available.


It is likely that the corner markets will suit you better than looking for match winning bets. If so, look at all the teams' corner stats and try to anticipate how the match might unfold. Chances are that if there is an early goal, the game will open up, and we will see more corners.


Otherwise, if you expect a tight match, with few arrivals to the area, we advise you to bet on few goals or corners. It's all a matter of testing and discovering over time which markets are the ones that really make you a winner at football betting. For example: Fun88 can offer you the best results about soccer.


Never bet to recover the money lost in other bets at Fun88

Maybe this is the most important football betting tip. Have you ever lost a bet on a goal in stoppage time or on a goalkeeper's last-minute mistake? The best thing to do is to try to relax. Maybe it's a good time to log off and come back when the anger has passed.

Take a walk, have fun playing a game or just read a book. Anything that can relax you, will help you the next time you log in to Fun88, be at 100% of your football betting abilities and bet wisely.

How to place soccer bets online at Fun88?


Placing soccer bets is a very simple and easy process. The first and most important thing is that you are a new user and that you are over 21 years old in most cases. The steps to place online soccer bets are often not complicated at all and we present them below.

  1. Once you are registered, log in to the sportsbook of your choice and choose the sporting event.
  2. Select the sport and the event you want to bet on.
  3. Your selection will appear on your bet slip in your user account.
  4. When you have everything selected and you are sure of your choice, you can deposit the amount you want.
  5. Then click on the appropriate button to finish the football betting process.
  6. Your prediction will be saved in your account where you will also be able to review all your results.

As you can see, placing soccer sports bets will not take you much time. But before you place any kind of soccer bets online, keep in mind that you need to be well informed about the event and the teams playing.

Being the new user, you will have to verify your identity, this is done for your own safety. Sports bookmakers want to make sure that it is really you, especially when it is time to withdraw the winnings you have made.

It is also possible to place soccer bets via mobile apps and the process of placing a bet is the same as described above. You just need to access the site via your cell phone.

One of the very important things when you want to enjoy the welcome bonus, is to read carefully the terms and conditions attached to it, but also the general rules of the bookmaker you have chosen.

How does football betting work at Fun88?

When you want to place soccer bets online, it is important that you understand how the odds work, you also need to know what some terms related to online football betting mean so that you can place bets online.

Soccer sportsbooks use odds to match bets. Therefore, this way they make players bet on both sides of the line by leveling the playing field. Although there is general parity, for example in the NFL, there are teams that have and teams that do not. Indianapolis is still superior to Cincinnati, but when they play each other, internet bookmakers must get half of the bettors to put cash on the Bengals.

Those hedges the sportsbooks by ensuring that they will win a considerable amount of cash on almost every game.

When you read the NFL odds, you will first see the date and time of the game on the left and immediately to the right will be two numbers with each team's name next to one of each number. That number is called the turnover number.

Each bookmaker offers different turnover numbers and different odds. Here we are going to give you an example of how the odds work and how you can use them to your advantage.

For example, Indianapolis has odds of -10.5 and Cincinnati +10.5. If you bet on Indianapolis at -10.5, they must win by 11 or more for you to be able to collect your bet. But if you bet on Cincinnati, your bet will pay off if they win the game or lose by less than 11.

The odds depend on each bookmaker, so you should also check this before placing bets. In addition, when placing live bets, the odds are constantly changing which makes this type of betting riskier, but players like it more.

Online football betting at Fun88 is very interesting, but don't forget to always be informed about the event you want to bet on. There are different online football betting sites, but you should know which ones you can consult. In the following sections we will talk more about this.

Football betting at Fun88

Fun88  like the best online betting sites in india offers great bonuses and promotions for those who are passionate about football. Moreover, you can have fun by using one of the best user-friendly apps in India.

Furthermore, Fun88 has an app available on Android and iOS as well and besides football betting, you can bet on other sports like cricket or tennis at Fun88. Also, you can practice Ipl betting  and play the online betting games

So, sign up at Fun88 and start betting for the best!

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