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What do the best cricket betting apps have?-Fun88

How to know which is the best cricket betting app? First, let’s remember that cricket is one of the oldest sports known to man. This sport has been played since the 18th century in England. It has been considered the second most famous sport in the world.

If you enjoy watching cricket matches, you should consider betting on them. And this is the main reason you need a great app when cricket betting!

In addition, as this sport is played throughout the year, it offers fans numerous opportunities to earn extra money. When betting on this sport, you should learn how to read sports betting lines. This will give you more chances of success. There's even more!

If you are wondering whether checking cricket betting apps, consider those features before doing it:

  1. Reliability: as you know, this is one of the most important aspects to consider before downloading cricket betting apps. In India, Fun88 is one of the most reliable bookies you can find.
  2. Promotions: Promotions and bonuses are an important factor to consider. Check out which bonuses and promotions cricket betting apps offer to you, compare and make the best decision
  3. Speed: Make sure the cricket betting app you use has a good speed. This feature is vital since you are betting for money and not just for fun!
  4. Design: Good cricket betting apps offer a nice-user friendly interface. Check it out before downloading it!
  5. Customer service: An app might be effective but not perfect. Ensure it has a good customer service before you use it.
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The odds: another important feature to consider before downloading cricket betting apps

One of the vital elements to pay attention to when betting on any sport is sports odds and predictions. Cricket betting odds refer to the odds that are usually set for certain matches.

This indicator shows the probability of the occurrence of a certain event. They are often presented in the form of numbers that appear next to the different cricket teams. Learning to understand cricket betting odds can help you make money with this form of sports betting.

The odds still differ from one sportsbook to another, as people have different opinions when it comes to what they think is likely to happen in a cricket match. When you start betting on cricket, you should know that the odds are never constant.

They keep fluctuating depending on different factors. Bookmakers apply complex mathematical formulas and add a margin to establish the most likely outcome when setting cricket betting odds. Each bookmaker like Fun88 has a specific default spread that they use when setting betting odds for this sport.

Sports bookmakers like Fun88 also consider different factors such as past performance of cricket players and current form before setting odds. They work closely with odds compilers who have been determining these values for a long time in order to come up with excellent odds.

When you start betting on cricket at Fun88, you should always look for the best lines, as they can serve you to make substantial profits with this form of betting. One of the sites that stands out in terms of sports betting odds for this game is Fun88. This site has competitive betting odds and numerous markets to give you a quality cricket betting experience.

Below, we explain the cricket betting odds for you.

If you are a newbie to sports betting at Fun88, cricket odds are going to seem complicated to understand, but this will improve as you continue to immerse yourself in this form of sports betting. Cricket betting odds are usually displayed in the following formats:

Decimal odds

This is one of the simplest formats used by most bookmakers. For example, in a cricket match between India and Australia, the decimal odds may appear as follows.

Australia (+2.50) vs India (-1.50)

It follows from these odds that the Indian team is the favorite, since the odds for this team are accompanied by a negative sign. The favorite refers to the cricket team that is expected to win a match.

On the other hand, Australia is supposed to be the least favorite team, as its odds appear with a positive sign. The underdog is the team that is assumed to have little chance of winning a cricket match. These betting odds we have shown above reflect the sports bookmakers' assessment of the victory of each team in a cricket match.

From these cricket odds, you can calculate the potential winnings for backing either team. If, for example, you choose to bet $100 on Australia, you will make a profit of $250 if the team wins. The formula for calculating potential winnings in this format is to multiply the odds by your bet (2.50 x 100= 250).

This value represents the total potential return. To find the exact winnings that will be derived from these odds, you must subtract what you initially wagered from this value (250-100=150). Therefore, the profit you can make by betting on Australia is $150. Betting on the underdog often leads to higher winnings than betting on the favorite.

Fractional odds

In addition to decimal odds, many bookmakers also offer betting odds for this sport in the form of fractions. Let's take the same example, but this time, we will show the odds as fractions.

India (1.5/1) vs. Australia (2.5/1): If you look at these odds, it means that for every dollar you bet on Australia, you will get a return of $2.5 if the team wins. For every dollar you bet on India, you will get a return of $1.5 if the team wins.

What is the difference between pre-match odds and live cricket betting odds?

When you start exploring cricket betting odds, you will come across these two different categories. Pre-match cricket betting odds are the odds that Fun88 sets before the match starts.

This can be a few moments before the match or a few months before. Placing cricket bets before the match is best for beginners who are still learning how to read the odds.

Live cricket betting odds, on the other hand, are set when a cricket match is live. If you want a more exciting opportunity to bet on cricket, you should consider betting on this sport while the event is going on. You should understand that live cricket betting odds tend to fluctuate more depending on the different events happening in the game.

If you choose to bet during a cricket game, you should constantly check the odds being displayed and make sure that you are using the most up to date ones. Although sometimes these odds are difficult to use effectively, they can give you higher winnings than the pre-match odds. This way of betting is more suitable for experienced cricket bettors.

Now that we have explained cricket betting odds to you, you can go ahead and start placing bets on this sport.

In short, to succeed when betting on cricket at Fun88, you must learn how to read sports betting lines but also to choose the best cricket betting apps for you.

The formats that are used in cricket betting are not much different from those used by other sports. This means that if you have been betting on other sports, you will analyze easily cricket betting odds. Don't forget to look for the most competitive odds before you start betting on cricket.

Fun88 App: Why is it considered one of the best cricket betting apps in India?

Fun88 offers one of the most user-friendly cricket betting apps in India. With great bonuses and promotions, Fun88 has been consider one of the best cricket betting apps in India.

Furthermore, when you download Fun88 app you can access to many casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, etcetera.

Fun 88 is available for Android and iOS users as well. As you can see, if you download Fun88 app, you can enjoy more than 10K different sports and more than 100 casino games, numerous betting types, best payouts, at the touch of a button.

You can choose from cricket and football to tennis, basketball, and even kabaddi and that too Live! Enjoy poker, slots and many other casino games.

Why should you download Fun88 App?

  1. 1. Personalised offers & promotions
  2. 2. Seamless user experience
  3. 3. Bet on the go
  4. 4. Easy login

Besides these features, there are many benefits when signing up to Fun88 India. Visit Fun88 now and start enjoying the best of cricket betting and online casino games at Fun88 app like Teen Patti. Therefore, if you are new at games online, you can master teen patti rules and betting at Fun88 app.

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