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What to know about Indian lottery

Lottery games in India have an amazing history, although they have existed for over 50 years, the regulations related to the lottery changed several times. Now, you can play lottery almost everywhere in India. However, with online sites like Fun88, there’s no limit to play lottery wherever you are!

What are your current options for playing the national Fun88 India lottery in India? The good news is you have multiple alternatives, and you do not even have to stick to the state lottery games, here is the most detailed information for playing the National Lottery in India or at Fun88.

A brief history of the National Lottery in India

The oldest legal document referring to gambling in India dates to 1867. That was when the Public Gaming Act prohibited people from organizing and visiting gambling facilities. It took a whole Fun88 India century for the laws to change. In 1967, Kerala launched its lottery, and it is the first lottery game in India.

If we fast forward to 1998, we find the Lottery Act. It states that a lottery game is one in which participants buy tickets and have a chance to win prizes.

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Is it legal to play lottery in India?

As for the legality of the lottery, the Supreme Court of India decided in 2015 that each state has the right to determine whether a lottery will be legal in its territory. Now, there are 13 states (29 in total) where it is legal to play lottery.

Even tough, if you play lottery online, there’s no reason to concern due to you can play online lottery no matter the country you are in! Fun88 is one of the most reliable online sites that offer lottery online for Indians.

However, do not forget that national lottery is just played in some states such as:

  1. Aruchanal Pradesh: the lottery has two daily draws named after precious stones and horoscope signs.
  2. Assam: You will also find two daily sessions of a lottery called Bodoland Lotto.
  3. Goa: No less than three daily sessions occur in Goa, and you can discover results online.
  4. Kerala: The lottery has been legal since 1967, and its games are among the most popular.
  5. Madhya Pradesh: While lottery games are legal, there is a lot of room to regulate the framework.
  6. Maharashtra: Playing lottery became legal in 1969.
  7. Manipur: This state legalized these games recently.
  8. Meghalaya: The national organizes a lottery every day, and you can buy tickets in local stores.
  9. Mizoram: You can participate in lottery games in this state as of 2010.
  10. Nagaland: They consider lottery and poker legal as well.
  11. Punjab: It’s a state that sells tickets online.
  12. Sikkim: Daily sessions and close collaboration with other state lotteries are notable in this state. You can even buy tickets online through their dedicated app.
  13. State of West Bengal: It is possible to buy tickets with a smartphone.

What national lotteries exist in India?

We mentioned that 13 states consider lottery legal across India. In this section, we will focus on the most popular lotteries in this country. These are the states where you can expect exciting lottery concepts with tempting prizes.

1. Kerala State Lottery

Kerala was the first to accept the legality of lottery and organize a state lottery. The first draw took place in 1967, which means that they have more than five decades of experience in organizing these games.

Today, Kerala Lotto presents a unique weekly concept with daily sessions. Each lottery day has a different name to avoid confusion. Rewards and ticket prices also vary, but you can buy tickets for approximately $0.4 to $0.7, depending on the draw.

You can also play special bumper drawings six times. It is worth noting that tickets can be purchased for at least weeks (sometimes even months) before the drawing. The ticket price for these sessions is $1.4 to $2.8, but the rewards are also much more generous.

2. Punjab State Lotteries


The reason we think we should mention Punjab is that this state agreed to organize lottery games first after Kerala. The first session took place in 1968, but the current situation is specific. The state of Punjab does not organize daily draws these days.

They only focus on special sessions during major holidays. The good news is that it means the reward pool is generous and you can win tempting prizes.

Here is an overview of the lotteries available:

3. Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim has daily draws with identical prize prizes, which minimizes the risk of confusion. In addition, the sessions have different names, so you can easily differentiate between them.

Here is a general description of the regular lotteries:

As for the special lotteries, you will find the special editions quite often.... Those are Jackpot Specials with more tempting prizes, and the unique twist is that tickets for those draws are also available in Maharashtra. Since both states are involved, the prizes are usually considerably higher than in the regular sessions.

4. Sambad Lottery

Sambad is a state lottery that is most popular in India. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is availability. Besides Sambad, you can play it in twelve other states, which basically means that it covers all legal locations in India.

Lotto Sambad is a game that has three daily draws, which means lots of chances to win tempting prizes. Also, the cost of the ticket is less than $0.1 (6 INR), and that makes it accessible to anyone. As for the jackpots, they range from $ 34.2 thousand to $ 42.4 thousand.

Lottery in India

How to claim your prize when you win the Indian national lottery?

Did you participate in the Indian national lottery and need to claim your prize? It is important to check the deadline to confirm your reward. You don't want to end up like one of those unclaimed lottery tickets with big losses.

The actual process of claiming a lottery prize in India can be complicated. Since these are state-run lotteries, most nationals will ask for identity confirmation and other relevant documents.

How to play the national lottery in India?

Does the concept of national lottery in India seem interesting? If you want to play this lottery, you must be in the state where it is legal to buy lottery tickets. Also, the tickets sold must be for that state's lottery (Sambad and Sikkim may be exceptions in some states).

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can buy Indian lottery tickets mostly offline. That means you must go to a local lottery supplier, which may be a supermarket or other retailer.

Some lotteries like the Fun88 one offers the option to purchase through a mobile app or website, but that too is restricted to that state. In other words, you can't play the Indian lottery if you're not in that country. Most lottery games are not even open to players from other Indian states, but to foreign residents.

Are online lottery games better than national lotteries?

Another critical issue is that you can only play lotteries in states that legalized it, and only on the games available there. That limits the number of lotteries you can play, which leads to the conclusion that online lottery websites are a much better option.

However, that does not mean that they are perfect. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using both methods.

National lottery in India :

Affordable ticket prices

Bumper draws with higher prizes

Daily drawings available

Only available in states that legalized the lottery

High risk of buying fake tickets

Tedious process of claiming prizes

Online lottery sites like Fun88:

A large number of lotteries from all continents.

A simple and secure purchase process

Multi-million dollar reward pools

Requires an internet connection

Providers charge small fees

Why to play Fun88 lottery


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